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North Carolina

North Carolina is a state in the Southeastern United States. The state borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. North Carolina is the 28th most extensive and the 9th most populous of the 50 United States. North Carolina is known as the Tar Heel State and the Old North State.

North Carolina is composed of 100 counties. North Carolina's two largest metropolitan areas are among the top ten fastest-growing in the country: its capital, Raleigh, and its largest city, Charlotte. In the past five decades, North Carolina's economy has undergone a transition from reliance upon tobacco, textiles, and furniture-making to a more diversified economy with engineering, energy,biotechnology, and finance sectors.

North Carolina has a wide range of elevations, from sea level on the coast to 6,699 feet (2,042 m) at Mount Mitchell, the highest point in the Eastern US. The climate of the coastal plains is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. Most of the state falls in the humid subtropical climate zone. More than 300 miles (500 km) from the coast, the western, mountainous part of the state has a subtropical highland climate.


A topographic map of North Carolina

The Charlotte skyline

The Blue Ridge Mountains


Population Statistics

Census Counts (April 1)
20109,535,483103.09 %308,745,538
20008,049,313112.86 %281,421,906
19906,632,448102.67 %248,790,925
19805,881,766102.60 %226,545,805
2000 to 2010 % change18.5 %69.7 %
1990 to 2010 % change43.8 %924.1 %
1980 to 2010 % change62.1 %1136.3 %

Components of Population Change in 2014NumberRankPercent of U.S.U.S.
Net Domestic Migration36,2576
Net International Migration21,188132.13 %995,944
Natural Increase (births minus deaths)36,34972.67 %1,363,581
Births120,09993.03 %3,957,577
Deaths83,75093.23 %2,593,996

Economy Statistics

Real Gross Domestic Product by State over Time (millions of chained 2009 dollars)Adj. Amount
RankChange Index
(YR 2009=100)
Change 2010 to 201421,975145.354

Per Capita Personal IncomeNumberRankPercent of U.S.
Per Capita Income - 2014$39,6463985.9 %
Per Capita Income - 2004 (adj. for inflation)$38,6223789.8 %
Per Capita Income - 1994 (adj. for inflation)$32,9553192.5 %
Per Capita Income - 1984 (adj. for inflation)$26,8203785.3 %
10-Year % Change2.7 %44
20-Year % Change20.3 %46
30-Year % Change47.8 %33