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Indiana is a state located in the midwestern and Great Lakes regions of North America. Indiana is the 38th largest by area and the 16th most populous of the 50 United States. Its capital and largest city is Indianapolis. Indiana was admitted to the United States as the 19th U.S. state on December 11, 1816.

Before becoming a territory, varying cultures of indigenous peoples and historic Native Americans inhabited Indiana for thousands of years. Since its founding as a territory, settlement patterns in Indiana have reflected regional cultural segmentation present in the Eastern United States; the state's northernmost tier was settled primarily by people from New England and New York, Central Indiana by migrants from the Mid-Atlantic states and from adjacent Ohio, and Southern Indiana by settlers from the Southern states, particularly Kentucky and Tennessee.

Indiana has a diverse economy with a gross state product of $298 billion in 2012. Indiana has several metropolitan areas with populations greater than 100,000 and a number of smaller industrial cities and towns. Indiana is home to several major sports teams and athletic events including the NFL's Indianapolis Colts, the NASL's Indy Eleven, the NBA's Indiana Pacers, the WNBA's Indiana Fever, and the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 motorsports races.


Farmland in Central Indiana

Indianapolis, the largest city in Indiana

Map of the highways in Indiana, nicknamed the "Crossroads of America"


Population Statistics

Census Counts (April 1)
20106,483,802152.10 %308,745,538
20006,080,485142.16 %281,421,906
19905,544,156142.23 %248,790,925
19805,490,224122.42 %226,545,805
2000 to 2010 % change6.6 %319.7 %
1990 to 2010 % change16.9 %3124.1 %
1980 to 2010 % change18.1 %3436.3 %

Components of Population Change in 2014NumberRankPercent of U.S.U.S.
Net Domestic Migration-7,84934
Net International Migration10,472201.05 %995,944
Natural Increase (births minus deaths)24,994171.83 %1,363,581
Births83,206152.10 %3,957,577
Deaths58,212142.24 %2,593,996

Economy Statistics
Real Gross Domestic Product by State over Time (millions of chained 2009 dollars)Adj. Amount
RankChange Index
(YR 2009=100)
Change 2010 to 20149,588263.640

Per Capita Personal IncomeNumberRankPercent of U.S.
Per Capita Income - 2014$39,4334085.5 %
Per Capita Income - 2004 (adj. for inflation)$38,6263689.9 %
Per Capita Income - 1994 (adj. for inflation)$33,5022894.1 %
Per Capita Income - 1984 (adj. for inflation)$28,2583389.8 %
10-Year % Change2.1 %45
20-Year % Change17.7 %47
30-Year % Change39.5 %42