In American Statistics, you can find out about what America is composed of. You can view graphs comparing states on population,  automobile usage, economical indicators, health, and more. Economic graphs list America's biggest companies and how many people they employ, among other categories. Also, some graphs compare the United States to other countries in defense spending, health indicators, GDP, and more. Use the directory below to find what information you want to see.

We are constantly adding and updating this section of the website. This section is far from complete, but should have a lot of useful information. 

Information is sourced from a number of different sources including NationMasterWikipedia, the CIA World Factbook, intergovernmental associations such as the United Nations, the OECD, NATO and more. We at Amerifo compile the information and create the graphs.

Many transportation statistics are available at the American Transportation section. We are working on copying those graphs and tables to the American Statistics section.

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