Congaree National Park

Fact Box

Congaree National Park
South Carolina
Established 2003
27,867 acres
Visitation (2010) 134,045

The Congaree National Park is home to the largest old-growth floodplain forest in North America. Trails, both hiking and canoeing, abound in this Park. The park also offers Butterfly Identification Training, as well as an Annual Butterfly Count that are lead by local rangers. Some visitors enjoy viewing the abundant wildlife including barred owls, flying squirrels, and river otters.

Throughout the year, the Congaree National Park usually experiences 10 flooding events. Two of the hiking trails are on raised boardwalks. While the elevated boardwalk trail rises over 6 feet above the ground, this trail can disappear under high waters 4 to 5 times a year. Although floods are often viewed as damaging, the natural processes that cause the Congaree to flood help replenish soil nutrients that support the diverse habitat and wildlife of the area.