America Samoa National Park

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American Samoa National Park
File:AmSamoa Tutuila 491.jpg
American Samoa
Established 1988
10,500 acres
Visitation(2007) 3,900

How far can you go and still be on American soil?

Fly to National Park of American Samoa. You’re not technically on “soil,” but the pristine white beach is part of the United States.

The parkland, which includes some of the most beautiful beaches on the islands, is leased by the U.S. government from Samoan families and villages. Learn their customs and appreciate their hospitality as you explore tiny the villages, walk the empty beaches and snorkel the azure seas.

National Park of American Samoa encompasses a variety of ecosystems, from rainforest to coral reef. Expect to see sea turtles, flying foxes, humpback whales, and colorful tropical fish and birds.

The To’aga archaeological dig has uncovered artifacts from three millennia of island inhabitants. The residents of Ofu village nearby trace their ancestry to this ancient civilization. Perhaps a villager will invite you into his home for a meal or even as an overnight guest.

Did You Know:

Plover, tattler, and turnstone birds make an annual migration from Alaska to Samoa and back, with a brief stopover in Hawai’i. That’s 11,000 frequent flyer miles!