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Public Services of the Biggest Cities

Which cities have the best public services? We wanted to find out. The Amerifo staff conducted an analysis of the key public services offered by America's largest cities -- libraries, fire stations, and police stations. Find out which cities had the best coverage by looking at the analysis below. All data was sourced from municipal websites and is current as of August 2013.

Population per library by city (average: 43,883)
Population per fire station by city (average: 23,622)
Population per police station by city (average: 138,896)
Overall rating of public services by city
To find this rating, we averaged the z-scores of each metric for each city. A higher score here means that the city overall had more public services than the average city. Scoring high on this rating system does not necessarily mean that the city has "better" public services -- a city could have fewer police stations because it has less crime, or fewer fire stations because the fire hazard in that area is lower. 

Table of data
CityLibrariesFire StationsPolice StationsPopulation (2012)Pop per LibraryPop per Fire Stat.Pop per Police Stat.
Los Angeles72106213,857,79953,58136,394183,705
San Francisco275110825,86330,58816,19382,586
San Jose24344982,76540,94928,905245,691
San Antonio265161,382,95153,19027,117230,492
New York City209249778,336,69739,88933,481108,269
Fort Worth164211777,99248,62518,52470,727
San Diego354691,338,34838,23929,095148,705