Yankee Stadium

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Old Yankee Stadium
File:Yankee Stadium aerial from Blackhawk.jpg
New York, New York
Completed 1923
Capacity- 56,936
Closed in 2008

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New Yankee Stadium
File:Yankee Stadium upper deck 2010.jpg
New York, New York
Opened 2009
Capacity- 52,325

Yankee Stadium is a stadium located in the Bronx, in New York City. It is the home ballpark for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball and the home of New York City FC of Major League Soccer. The $2.3 billion stadium, built with $1.2 billion in public subsidies, replaced the original Yankee Stadium. It is one block north of the original, on the 24-acre former site of Macombs Dam Park; the 8-acre site of the original stadium is now a public park called Heritage Field. The first game at the new Yankee Stadium was a preseason exhibition game against the Chicago Cubs on April 3, 2009; the Yankees won, 7–4. The first regular-season game was played on April 16, a 10–2 Yankee loss to the Cleveland Indians.

The stadium incorporates replicas of some design elements from the original Yankee Stadium. Although stadium construction began in August 2006, the project spanned many years and faced many controversies, including the high public cost and the loss of public parkland. The overall price tag makes the new Yankee Stadium the most expensive stadium ever built.

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