Sea and Boat Travel

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Freight is often transported by water. Major United States seaports include New York, New Orleans, Houston, and Los Angeles. In addition to the oceans, the interior of the country has many shipping channels, such as the Great Lakes, Mississippi River System, and St Lawrence Seaway. Cruises are very popular in America, transporting Americans to famous tourist destinations like the Caribbean, Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Busiest Ports in the United States
 PortTotal Tons of Shipping
1. Port of South Louisiana, LA  252.1 million
 2. Houston, TX 238.2 million
 3. New York, NY and NJ 132.0 million
 4. New Orleans, LA 79.3 million
 5. Beaumont, TX 78.5 million
 6. Long Beach, CA 77.4 million
 7. Corpus Christi, TX 69.0 million
 8. Los Angeles, CA61.8 million 
9. Baton Rouge, LA  60.0 million
 10. Port of Plaquemines, LA 58.3 million