Mass transit

Buses, trolleys, trams, and trains are all included in United States mass transportation systems. According to a 2014 New York Times article, use of public transit in the United States has reached its highest level since 1956. A list of mass transit systems in the United States is listed below:

Heavy Rail: An electric railway with the capacity to handle a heavy volume of traffic
Light Rail: Usually handle a smaller number of passengers than heavy rail

Atlanta, Georgia: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority- 4 heavy rail lines (38 stations), 1 streetcar line, 92 bus lines
Baltimore, Maryland: Maryland Transit Administration- 1 heavy rail line (14 stations), 3 light rail lines (33 stations), 3 commuter rail lines (43 stations), 80 bus lines
Boston, Massachusetts: Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)- 4 heavy rail lines (51 stations), 5 light rail lines (74 stations), 12 commuter rail lines (123 stations), 4 trolleybus lines, 4 ferryboat lines, 183 bus lines
Charlotte, North Carolina: Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)- 1 light rail line (15 stations), bus lines
Chicago, Illinois: Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)- 8 heavy rail lines, 140 bus lines. Metra- 11 commuter rail lines (241 stations)
Dallas, Texas: Dallas Area Rapid Transit- 4 light rail lines (62 stations), 1 commuter rail line (10 stations), 113 bus lines, 18 shuttle lines
Denver, Colorado: Regional Transportation District- 6 light rail lines (46 stations), 127 bus lines
Houston, Texas: Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO)- 3 light rail lines (37 stations), 107 bus routes
Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles County Metro Rail- 2 heavy rail lines, 4 light rail lines. Metrolink- 7 commuter rail lines (55 stations)
Miami Area, Florida: Miami-Dade Transit- 2 heavy rail lines (23 stations), 3 people mover lines (22 stations), 90 bus lines. Tri-Rail- commuter rail lines
New York City, New York: Metropolitan Transit Authority- 24 subway lines, 17 commuter rail lines, 310 bus lines. Port Authority Trans-Hudson- 4 light rail lines (13 stations)
Phoenix, Arizona: Valley Metro- 1 light rail line (32 stations), 101 bus lines
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority- 3 rapid transit lines, trolley lines, 121 bus lines, 13 commuter rail lines
Portland, Oregon: TriMet- 4 light rail lines, 1 commuter rail line, 79 bus lines, 2 streetcar lines
San Diego, California: San Diego Trolley- 3 light rail lines (53 stations). Sprinter- 1 commuter rail line (15 stations)
San Francisco Bay Area: Bay Area Rapid Transit- 5 rapid transit lines. San Francisco Municipal Railway- 7 light rail lines, 17 trolley bus lines, 54 bus lines, 3 cable car lines
Seattle, Washington: Sound Transit- 2 commuter rail lines, 2 light rail lines, 26 express bus lines
Washington, D.C.: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority- 6 rapid transit lines (91 stations), 300 bus lines (12,216 stations)