Interstate 35

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Interstate 35
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Length- 1,568 miles
Existed- 1956- present
South end- Laredo, TX
North end- Duluth, MN
States served- TX, OK, KS, MO, IA, MN

Interstate 35 (IH-35 or I-35) is a major north–south Interstate Highway in the central United States. I-35 stretches from Laredo, Texas, on the American-Mexican border to Duluth, Minnesota, at Minnesota Highway 61 (London Road) and 26th Avenue East. Many Interstate Highways formerly had splits or spurs indicated with suffixed letters (N/S/E/W), and I-35 was the only one that still had such divisions, before the recent opening of I-69CI-69E, and I-69W in South Texas. In two stretches, both through twin cities, the highway splits into Interstate 35E—at Dallas and at Saint Paul, Minnesota—and Interstate 35W—at Fort Worth, Texas, and at Minneapolis.

At 1,568 mi (2,523 km), Interstate 35 is the ninth-longest Interstate Highway following Interstate 94, and it is the third-longest north-south Interstate Highway, following Interstate 75 and Interstate 95. Even though the route is generally considered to be a border to border highway, this highway does not directly connect to either international border. I-35's southern terminus is a traffic signal in Laredo, Texas, just short of the Mexican-American border. Travelers going south can take one of two toll bridges across the Rio Grande and the Mexican border, either straight ahead into the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge, or via Interstate 35 Business through downtown Laredo into the Gateway to the Americas International Bridge.

To the north, I-35 terminates in Duluth, Minnesota, with connections to Canada from the interstate's terminus via Minnesota Highway 61 to Grand Portage, or north to the border at International Falls, Minnesota via U.S. Route 53 in Duluth, but that route is more typically accessed from the south by Minnesota Highway 33 at Cloquet, Minnesota.


Major intersections

I-69W in Laredo
I-410 in San Antonio (twice)
I-10 in San Antonio
I-37 in San Antonio
I-35 splits into I-35E and I-35W between Hillsboro and Denton
I-20 in Dallas (I-35E) and in Fort Worth (I-35W)
I-30 in Dallas (I-35E) and in Fort Worth (I-35W)
I-820 in Fort Worth (I-35W only)
I-635 in Dallas (I-35E only)
I‑240 in Oklahoma City
I‑235 in Oklahoma City
I‑40 in Oklahoma City concurrent with I-35 for two miles (3.2 km)
I‑44 in Oklahoma City concurrent with I-35 for five miles (8.0 km)
I‑135 in Wichita (the Kansas Turnpike continues along I-35 east of Wichita, while I-135 passes through downtown Wichita)
I‑335 in Emporia (I-35 splits from the Kansas Turnpike at this point, and I-335 picks up the Kansas Turnpike designation)
I‑435 in Lenexa
I‑635 in Kansas City
I-670 in Kansas City
I-70 in Kansas City concurrent with I-35 between exits 2A and 2H
I-29 in Kansas City concurrent with I-35 for six miles (9.7 km)
I-435 in Claycomo
I-80 in Des Moines. I-80 is cosigned with I-35 bypassing Downtown Des Moines (served by I-235) for 13 miles (21 km).
I-235 in Des Moines (twice)
I-90 in Albert Lea
I-35 splits into I-35E and I-35W between Burnsville and Columbus
I-494 in Bloomington (I-35W) and in Eagan (I-35E)
I-94 in Minneapolis (I-35W) and in Saint Paul (I-35E concurrent with I-94 for less than a half mile)
I-694 in New Brighton (I-35W) and in Little CanadaVadnais Heights (I-35E concurrent with I-694 for less than a half mile)
I-535 in Duluth