Automobiles and Highways

    We Americans use our cars nearly everyday. As of 2012, there are around 254 million registered vehicles in America.[1] Unlike most countries in the western world, we rely primarily on our highway system for transport and less on public transportation. There are over 4 million miles of road connecting america together.[2] Although we rely heavily on our transportation infrastructure, the truth is that a lot of America's bridges and roads are starting to degrade. As of 2013, a total of 63,510 bridges were considered to be deficient and 83,344 bridges were obsolete.[3]  Traffic congestion is also another problem facing America's highways. It has been found that 49% of major roads were congested in 2010 and that American's sepend 3.7 billion hours and 2.3 billion gallons of fuel sitting in traffic jams.[4]