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Frequently Asked Questions

Amerifo cares about our users. If you have any questions, problems, or issues that are not answered on this page, please email us at amerifoservice@gmail.com so we can help you. However, many FAQs are answered on this page, and it is likely that you may find the answer you need.

Amerifo has no ads. How does Amerifo make money?

We don't. Amerifo is non-profit, so making money isn't our priority. Since Amerifo is run by volunteers, we do not have employee costs. Amerifo does not generate a dime of revenue -- we do not run ads, we do not sell, transfer, or trade any personal or analytical information, and we don't accept private or public donations. The personal money of our volunteers funds our basic costs such as hosting the web domain.

I'm on my phone, and it isn't very practical to use the full Amerifo website. Does Amerifo have a mobile website?

If you use a supported mobile web browser, the Amerifo website should automatically default to the mobile version of the site.

Does Amerifo have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, no at the moment. You can use our mobile website for your on-the-go reference needs. We have plans for an app for Android and maybe iPhone, but it's a fairly long term idea. 

How can I find out what Amerifo does with my personal information?

Amerifo has a comprehensive and strong privacy policy that protects your personal information. You can view our privacy policy here.

Amerifo can sometimes be slow to load. And my internet is fast. Why is this happening?

Amerifo is a very comprehensive website (1200+ pages), packed with text and images to make for a better experience. Unfortunately, our allocated server space has not kept up with demand. We are working on improving the efficiency and page loading speed on Amerifo, without compromising the quality of our content.

Can I use (copy and paste) information, articles, or facts I found on Amerifo?

In general, yes, but there are certain guidelines to be followed to avoid copyright violations. Many, if not most, articles on Amerifo are written by other sources under liberal and free licenses such as the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. In general, you can copy and reproduce information found on Amerifo for commercial and noncommercial purposes as long as you credit the source who created the work. Amerifo is not the source to credit in these circumstances- you must credit the source found usually on the main topic page or at the bottom of the page. If we were the ones that created the content, you can use it for any purpose as all Amerifo-created content is in the public domain. For more detailed information, please view our content policy.

How do I navigate the Amerifo website?

Compared to most reference websites, Amerifo is fairly easy to navigate. Under the big Amerifo logo, there is a navigation bar with many quick links to topics. Simply scroll over the buttons for a drop down list of more topics and subtopics, or click on the main button for the main topic page. If you want to find something more detailed, use our search engine to find it, or go to our sitemap. To get back to our homepage, either click on the Amerifo logo or click "Home". 

Why is there a spelling mistake on a page I viewed?

Though Amerifo is a large, comprehensive website, we operate with a very small staff. Our staff has 1000+ pages to maintain, and it's hard to keep everything perfect down to the last word. We guarantee the quality of information and content of Amerifo- all content should be up to date and reliable. However, there may be an occasional spelling or grammar error. We at Amerifo work hard to fix all spelling, grammar, and content errors, and we make routine checks on all of our pages to make sure they're up to date and correct.

Is there any way to email specific pages on Amerifo?

Though we're trying to find a practical way to enable the emailing of pages on Amerifo, we haven't found it yet. We apologize for the delay.

If my question is not answered on this page, how do I contact Amerifo?

If your question is not answered on the FAQ page, you can easily contact Amerifo at amerifoservice@gmail.com. You will get a reply within a few days, and we will answer your question or fix your problem to the best of our ability. If you want to suggest a new FAQ for us to post on this page, contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com and we'll consider your request.