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Amerifo Privacy Policy



Thank you for visiting Amerifo. We highly respect your privacy, and we have created a strong privacy policy that protects your privacy to the highest extent possible. If you think that your privacy has been violated by Amerifo, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com. If you want to suggest changes to the privacy policy, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com.

Amerifo does not sell, transfer, trade, swap, give away, barter, or do anything with collected personal information that is for-profit and measurably damages your privacy. Due to our web hosting technology, some browser cookies may be launched on your computer or device. However, we do not gain any personal information about you because of these cookies. To optimize our website and provide a better user experience, Amerifo uses analytical technology to provide broad and general information on the general demographics of our users. This technology provides various information including the number of visits per day on the Amerifo website, the user's general location (such as country and state), and the webs browser and operating system that the user is using to access the Amerifo website. Analytical technology can be easily disabled by installing various extensions to your web browser. We have no way of accessing personal information such as your name, email address, social security number, street address, and IP address unless you voluntarily give it to us in polls or surveys (always optional), and we have no intention of gaining access to these types of sensitive personal information.

If you voluntarily give us your name or email address in polls, Submit-A-Comment, or surveys, we do not sell, transfer, trade, swap, give away, barter, or do anything with your personal information except use it for the purpose stated when you voluntarily entered and submitted the concerned information or data to Amerifo.

The Amerifo web domain is hosted by Google Sites, and we use Google Apps to manage the website and create material for the website. The Amerifo search services are also provided by Google. Other that purchasing the web domain from Google, we have no financial relationship with Google Inc. While we do not put tracking cookies on the Amerifo website, we do not have control or responsibility if Google sends browser cookies to your computer or device or tracks you in any way via the Amerifo website. You can view Google's privacy policy here for more information.

Amerifo is not for profit. We do not post or accept advertisements (ads) on our website, and we do not make even a dime from the Amerifo website. We are not responsible for collection of information by third party websites, servers, or any other organizations, persons, governments, or groups when you are using the Amerifo website. Amerifo is in compliance with all federal, state, and local laws. If you find that Amerifo is inadvertently violating US laws, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com so we can modify our content or policies to comply with the law. 

The Amerifo privacy policy is subject to change at any time, and new sections and/or paragraphs may be added. The latest edition or revision of the Amerifo privacy policy will be posted on this page. The latest edition or revision of the Amerifo privacy policy shall be the one that is in effect. The privacy policy was last updated on March 18, 2015. The last major update was on October 1, 2011.