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Amerifo has a strong content policy that respects the rights of content creators, authors, and other respective parties. If you have problems or issues with our content policy, or find a problem on our website that is not in accordance with our policy (such as copyrighted material on our website), please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com.

All content on the Amerifo website that was created by Amerifo or an Amerifo employee is hereby in the public domain. While we encourage users and other people to credit Amerifo when using Amerifo content on other websites or for other non-Amerifo related uses, we do not claim or demand any copyrights, royalties, credits, or any other credit or profits when a person uses Amerifo content for their or others benefit. Amerifo-created content includes the design and layout of fact-boxes, most graphs created in American Statistics or elsewhere, logos (except the Amerifo official logo), banners, and drawings, text introductions to most sections of the website, and certain other text content. Since not all content on the Amerifo website was made or created by Amerifo, we urge users to use caution when copying, pasting, or modifying content that you found on the Amerifo website.

The Amerifo logo is a partial exception to the public domain rule. As the official symbol and logo of the Amerifo website, we are releasing the Amerifo logo under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0) license. You may not use the logo for commercial purposes, you must attribute the logo to Amerifo, and you can not alter, transform, or build upon the logo. You may copy, distribute, and transmit the logo under the conditions listed on the Creative Commons website. Other than the Amerifo logo and related logos with the Amerifo symbol on it (such as alternate logos used in advertising), all other logos, banners, and drawings are in the public domain.

The majority of the content on the Amerifo website was not created by Amerifo. Amerifo is not primarily a creator of content- it is primarily an organizer of content. Amerifo uses only content that is either in the public domain, is released under a Creative Commons license (such as Wikipedia), or if the author or creator of the content gave permission for Amerifo to use it. The majority of our non-Amerifo content (as content that was not created by Amerifo staff shall be called from now on in this document is from various non-profit or international organizations via Wikipedia (mostly in American Statistics), Wikipedia itself, or the United States government (such as from the White House website or the CIA World Factbook). Most works of the United States Government are in the public domain. Most content (text and pictures included) from Wikipedia is released to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license and the GNU Free Documentation license. These licenses allow Amerifo to use text and images from Wikipedia provided that we attribute the content to Wikipedia and that if we modify the work, we can only distribute the resulting work under the same or similar licenses. On the Amerifo website, we usually cite the source of our information (if it was or is non-Amerifo content) on the main page of the section with the non-Amerifo content. If the citation is not there, it is extremely likely that it will be on the About Amerifo page, where we list almost all our non-Amerifo sources. In the American Statistics section, we list the source of the graph's content right under the graph (which was created by Amerifo). We are currently in the process of listing all our sources used in a particular section on the main page of the section, for more specific sourcing and to comply better with the Wikipedia licenses. 

Almost all photos on the Amerifo website are from Wikipedia. These photos are not under an "all rights reserved" license and are usually under Creative Commons licenses. In the Pictures of America section, we cite the sources of the photos. We do not usually cite the source of the photo directly under the photo, however we are now crediting Wikipedia for the photos. Some photos are not from Wikipedia, and were either taken by Amerifo (therefore in the public domain), or came from another source that has released the pictures or photos under a liberal license such as Creative Commons, released the pictures or photos into the public domain, or gave Amerifo permission to use the photos. 

Some content on the Amerifo website came from the United States Government. Most content created by the United States Government is released into the public domain. Content in the public domain does not have to be attributed to a source, though we do cite the website or source we got content from on the main page of the section which has the non-Amerifo content. Most content created by the US Government is found in the Presidents section (the text of biographies is from the White House website), the Economy of America section (US economy overview and certain economic statistics are from the CIA World Factbook), the American Statistics section (certain graphs have information from the CIA World Factbook or other government agencies usually via Wikipedia), or the Map section (some maps are from the National Atlas). 

If you find copyrighted content or content that is not sourced or attributed, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com so we can attribute or remove the content.

Almost all content on the Amerifo website is appropriate for all ages and all people, provided that the content is at the person's reading level. We do not put explicit or profane text, photos, or other content on the Amerifo website. We, at our discretion, do not put content that is offensive to large groups of people on our website. We are not responsible for any damages if a person or people are disturbed by Amerifo-created content or non-Amerifo content on the Amerifo website. If you think that certain content on the Amerifo website is morally wrong, suggests extremism, is offensive or is explicit or profane, or is disturbing to you, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com listing the offending content. We will reconsider our posting of the content and may remove it.

Amerifo does not endorse or support any political parties or political organizations, and we try to write and post content that is unbiased towards any certain cause (except American patriotism). We are not responsible for any remarks or comments that Amerifo employees give or write promoting a political party, organization, or cause. 

Comments are permitted on the Amerifo website using the Submit-A-Comment page. We strongly discourage and do not publicly post comments that are offensive, explicit, profane, threatening, or harmful to people in any way. Criticism of Amerifo is allowed. However, we do not post content that is violently against Amerifo or is extreme. Please keep your comments civil so that they can be posted and can make Amerifo better and a positive community. 

The Amerifo content policy is subject to change at any time, and new sections and/or paragraphs may be added. The latest edition or revision of the Amerifo content policy will be posted on this page. The latest edition or revision of the Amerifo content policy shall be the one that is in effect. The content policy was first created on August 2, 2011. The content policy was last updated on March 18, 2015, with the last major update on October 9, 2011.