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Welcome to Amerifo! We cover everything on America, from history to attractions. We have an information page on every state, with lots of information all about the state, the history, the culture, and more. Sing along to lyrics and history to patriotic songs such as the national anthem.

Learn about how the government works, and who's in charge of what. Also, explore historical documents, and look at the latest laws and bills. Read about the founding fathers and other patriotic, hardworking citizens and Americans that helped shape America and who we are as a people. Also, in the history section, you can find detailed information on events that shaped America. So explore our website and learn about America on Amerifo!

Amerifo is a non-profit website that is dedicated to delivering information about America to ensure that Americans are educated citizens who know about the government and the country. Amerifo was started on June 14, 2011, and is based in Evanston, Illinois. 

Sometimes there may be spelling mistakes. We are trying to eliminate these spelling errors. Please note that although we are constantly updating this website, we are not a large organization and there is a lot of information on this website, and as a result, some information may not be most up to date. The most recent updates to a section should be listed on the section's homepage. All documents, maps, and data should have the respective source labeled. If you find some information that is not sourced, please email us at amerifoservice@gmail.com so we can rectify the error.

We apologize that Amerifo is sometimes slow to load. We have had complaints that some pages may take over five seconds to load. This is due to a combination of the large amount of text and images on the website, and also due to a shortage of server space. We are working on improving the speed of the website. 
Some information, pictures, and data may be taken from the public domain and other entities and organizations such as the United States Government, Wikipedia, NationMaster, various global organizations such as the United Nations, and other sources. You'll be able to find the sources used in a section on the section's homepage. Our staff also sometimes writes and creates, using extensive research, information, biographies, and summaries. You can view the latest version of our content policy here. If you find any mistakes in our writings and data, please contact us at amerifoservice@gmail.com. Comments or questions? Email us at amerifoservice@gmail.com.

We are non-profit
Amerifo is not for profit - we exist only to educate Americans of all ages about the country, the government's functions, America's natural beauty, and other America-related topics. We do not have advertising on the website, and we never sell, transfer, trade, give away, or do anything for profit with your personal information. You can read the full text of our privacy policy here. The Amerifo team is made up entirely of volunteers- no one in Amerifo is paid for their services, contributions, or duties (except in pride for what they are doing).

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